Why You Need to Be Listening to Podcasts Now

Imma keep this simple and just give you a list.

  1. Podcasts are free. Free!! 
  2. Most smart phones already come with the free app used to download podcasts.  If you're not already listening to podcasts, you've probably put the app in your "junk drawer", that folder for all the apps you don't want but your phone won't let you delete.  Look there first ;) See the picture below for what it looks like.
  3. The only effort it requires is putting in your headphones because they are only audio recordings.  You don't have to read, you don't have to look at a screen.  This means you can do it while you're doing other boring, mindless things like driving, laundry, exercising, and cleaning.  I need to separate the side-benefits:
    1. Your brain is engaged and ready for action!  You know, that awesome machine that determines how successful you will be in life?  Your brain will actually be working out while you're doing mindless stuff and you'll be energized and smarter because of it!
    2. You'll be smarter because of it!!  People, to get the same information I suppose you could take a college class or hire a coach/guru or read a book or watch educational videos, but why would anyone rather do that???  Especially when podcasts are FREE!
  4. There is a podcast out there for almost everything.  If there is something that you are passionate about, chances are there are others out there like you!  Of course, you could google search it, but then you'll have to read the articles and sort out the legit sources from the untrustworthy sources.  Podcasts, however, are rated by others who have already listened to them.  Not to mention they are created by people who are so passionate about that subject that they would talk about it for hours with little to no compensation (because podcasts are free).  How great would it be to have easy access to passionate experts and their knowledge and enthusiasm??  

If I haven't convinced you by now, I'm afraid I'm not going to.  But for those of you who are ready to take a big (and yet so easy) step toward personal growth, I'd like to share my favorite podcasts!

The podcast app is the purple app on the top of my screen.  Apparently, I have one episode I haven't heard yet! :)

The podcast app is the purple app on the top of my screen.  Apparently, I have one episode I haven't heard yet! :)

For Faith-Based Growth:

  • Your Move, with Andy Stanley:  This podcast is a collection of sermons given by one of my all-time-favorite Christian leaders!  Andy Stanley is so entertaining and easy to listen to, while delivering thought-provoking and moving messages.  He talks about subjects that are relatable to everyone, but he has especially helped me overcome fear of the unknown, lack of purpose, and struggles in friendships and relationships. This podcast has done so much for me! 

For Financial Growth:

  • Planet Money, from NPR:  This podcast is hosted by the wittiest and most relatable economists I've ever heard.  It's great if you don't understand economics, but you want to.  They take interesting things going on in the world and relate it to global economics.  This podcast will make you feel years smarter, all for listening to a 20 minute episode!  And you'll have fun facts for days...
  • So Money, with Farnoosh Torabi:  This podcast is perfect for those who are new to the world of personal finance (aka college students or recent graduates)!  Farnoosh's podcast is setup as a interview with financially influential people.  She ask them about their financial successes and failures, tips and tricks, and what makes them "so money".  I love this informal and easy-going podcast that offers loads of financial suggestions, insights, and motivation.  
  • Radical Personal Finance, with Joshua Sheats:  This podcast is for the more advanced money-conscious consumer.  The name itself implies that it is radical, and it is in the best way!  If you are looking for a way to transform your life financially this is a great place to start.  Joshua discusses ways to save money, increase income, make investments, even minimize your taxes!  If you are interested in serious financial growth, this is where you can find it!

For Feminist Humor and Education:

  • Stuff Your Mom Never Told You, with Cristen and Caroline:  This podcast is entertaining, hilarious, and surprisingly informative, but it is not your grandmother's podcast.  Feminists Cristen and Caroline tackle many socially taboo subjects and explore the world as it exists today.  I don't agree with everything they say, but I have undoubtedly learned more about what I do and do not support.  This is a great podcast to keep you awake during long drives or super boring tasks!


Well, those are all my favorites!  I hope you find them as awesome as I do!  I'm always finding new podcasts and if they get the Micayla approval I'll be sure to pass them on!  And definitely let me know if you're already listening to others that I need to hear!  


Since you made it to the end, I'd just like to say you're awesome! and thank you :)