Series Introduction: 4 Keys to Unlocking Financial Success

Disclaimer:  I am not in anyway qualified to give anyone financial advice!! DO NOT do something just because I said it sounded like a good idea.  Open your mind to my thoughts, take it to a professional advisor or someone else you trust, and only then make your decisions.


That being said, I’m not actually going to give anyone specific financial advice.  My goal for this blog series (yes, I said series) is to simply inform and equip others who are facing the same stage of life that I am. 

While I’m not a financial advisor, or even a finance major, I am very fortunate to have had several great finance teachers and my own nerdy passion for studying and understanding money.  Also, I am about to graduate so I have fresh insight into the general attitude of my generation and the temptations that trip us up. 

As graduation approaches and I think more about the decisions I will soon be making, I realize how lucky I am to have a solid understanding of basic financial principles.  I also feel an obligation to share these life-changing/satisfying/saving concepts.

For the next four weeks, I want to share the four concepts that I think are the most important, yet often misunderstood, financial concepts that my generation, especially those of us graduating, need to understand before we begin making big financial decisions. 

For my wiser and more experienced readers, I’m sure you’ve got these concepts under control.  But you’re welcome to read further and I encourage you to share your thoughts at the end!  Maybe more importantly, please share these posts with anyone who might benefit from reading them.  Passing on your financial wisdom with the younger people you care about may be the most influential way you can impact their life. 

For my less seasoned readers, I hope that you will approach this series with an open mind and that you will take these ideas, question them, and see how they can impact your own life for the better.

I know I'm making a big deal out of this.  It is because I wholeheartedly believe money is the third most powerful thing in the world, preceded only by God and love.  

I believe that a solid financial understanding and good money management leads to the most abundant and fulfilled life you can live:

  • It can lead to less stress and more trust in your relationships.
  • It can add security and peace to your life, even when things around you aren’t going as planned.
  • It can give you the ability to give generously.  Fulfillment guaranteed.  Willingness not included. 
  • And maybe most importantly, it can give your life options.  The option to stay home with your children, or go back to college for more education, or start the business you’ve been dreaming of, or even retire early.  The list goes on and on for those who plan ahead.

Everyone’s dreams are unique, therefore their life’s goals and plans will be different.  That’s why it’s necessary to dig into your own heart and understand what YOU want out of this one life you’ve been blessed with.

Once you have a vision, you simply need to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to make it a reality.  And don’t forget a “how-can-I?” attitude; it will surely be necessary.

For this series, I’ve picked out the four key concepts I’m most thankful someone taught me before I graduated college.  And I’m going to explain each one the best I can and then post them on the internet.  Where they go after that is up to God and you.  I pray that they fall into the hands that need them.


So here they are:

  1. Assets: What They Are and What They Are Not
  2. Compound Interest: the Great and the Terrible
  3. Principle vs Interest
  4. Trading Time for Money


I know that money is a taboo subject.  But it shouldn’t be.  My generation needs the help of those who have walked these tight ropes before us.  I hope that the ideas of a nerd that gets way too excited about money might begin the conversation :) 

I hope you’ll come back in week and begin to participate in the discussion, either by adding your own ideas and/or passing these ideas along. 


See you again soon,

the nerd that gets way too excited about money