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God's given us the protective gear and the weapon we need to win our battles today!  

Wherever you are, take some time to pull your Belt tight, fasten your Breastplate, lace up your feet with Readiness, secure your Helmet, reach down and pick up your Shield.  Raise it to your defense.  Draw your Sword high and ready, Warrior.  

This day is yours and your God's. 

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In God's Power, Not Micayla's

If your life is anything like mine, it is likely messy, confusing, and filled with uncertainty.  

My natural response: get a good holt and try to force control over everything I can so that I can make my life "successful". (You have to read that with a mean face to get the full effect...)

The correct response: well, not that... like I said, I'm still learning, but the following is what I've learned so far...

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