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God's given us the protective gear and the weapon we need to win our battles today!  

Wherever you are, take some time to pull your Belt tight, fasten your Breastplate, lace up your feet with Readiness, secure your Helmet, reach down and pick up your Shield.  Raise it to your defense.  Draw your Sword high and ready, Warrior.  

This day is yours and your God's. 

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Five Bags of Silver

In college there have been so many times I've been tempted to throw up my hands and claim I have nothing else to give.  Sometimes I felt this way with money.  Sometimes I felt this way in rodeo, when the end of the success drought was no where in sight.  Sometimes it was with spoiled friendships.  Sometimes it was in my lack of self esteem and purpose.  

But in all of it, I felt like I was doing just good enough to get by, but I had no more left for God.  

At some point in this mess I began to understand it was true that Micayla working for Micayla had her limits.  But Micayla working for God found fresh strength, surprising success, and new opportunities.

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