Reserving Custom Beef

Purchasing a whole, half, or quarter of a steer is a great way to provide premium beef for your family without paying a premium cost.  Buying beef in bulk allows you to save money, plan ahead, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where your family's meat comes from.

At Giffin Farms, we grow the healthiest, strongest steers on pasture and then finish them on grain to ensure that we are consistently producing the premium beef that our customers expect.

We ask that you make reservations as soon as you know you want to purchase custom beef so we can make sure to meet your request.  All reservations require a deposit due by the date of processing.  Orders that purchase larger quantities will be given first priority.  


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I understand that I am purchasing a live animal. I understand that my deposit is due by the processing date. I understand that when Giffin Farms takes my steer to the processor, I will receive an invoice from Giffin Farms for the remaining cost of my animal. I understand that I am responsible for paying the bill for processing directly to the processor at the time of meat pickup.

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