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Our Family

Our farm is like many others in our area.  Most of Derek's time and energy is spent on the row crop side of the operation.  A lot of our corn, soybeans, and wheat are grown in the same fields that his dad, granddad, and great-grandaddy farmed, beginning more than a hundred years ago.  It is our hope to continue this tradition, and as we go, we'll look for ways to make it our own.

One way we are doing this is by reintroducing cattle to Giffin Farms.  The best part is that we are creating a mutually beneficial system between our cows and our crops.  Both sides work together to make each other stronger and healthier.  We love the end result: a more sustainable farm and a greater opportunity to provide our community with healthy local beef.






Our Crops



At Giffin Farms, we consider it our responsibility to take care of the blessings we have been given:  our time, our relationships, our financial resources, and especially our land and our livestock.

If you are a landowner, you most likely consider it your responsibility to find the best possible caretaker for your land.  Someone who will put in the time and effort to protect your investment. 

We believe it is worth our time and effort to:

  • practice crop rotations

  • utilize cover crops

  • carefully manage pest and weed resistance

  • stop runoff and erosion

  • take regular soil samples

  • increase organic matter in the soil



Our Cattle


While we truly enjoy breeding and raising Black and Red Angus cattle, we recognize that it’s more than a passionate hobby. It’s a business. Our cattle are required to earn their keep, and strict adherence to this philosophy has made our herd stronger, more consistent, and more profitable every year.

Profitability begins with fertility. A dependably high conception rate is the first step in maximizing revenue. Profitability is sustained by efficiency. The ability to maintain a healthy weight on grass alone makes a cow far more able to breed back quickly and wean a big calf, all while minimizing expenses.

We believe that fertility and efficiency are the foundation of every calf crop. Value added terminal traits matter very little if our cows do not put calves on the ground every year or need extra inputs to make it happen. Because we recognize the importance of a strong maternal foundation, we are line breeding for our ideal cow, a fertile, low maintenance, dependable female who will produce many sons and daughters that will carry on her legacy.


We require our cows to calve in a 50 day calving period every year.

We require our cows to calve, breed back, and wean a big calf with no assistance, no feed, and no special treatment.

We ask that our females wean 50% of their body weight.

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 Our Promise

Do the right thing, do the best we can, treat others as we want to be treated.