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Our beef is carefully frozen and packaged in thick styrofoam coolers protected by cardboard boxes.  We offer UPS shipping for a flat rate of $8.95 to street addresses within 100 miles of our farm.  If you would like to ship a box a further than 100 miles, please call 573-450-1107 for pricing.  

All orders will be shipped on the Monday following the order date.  You will receive an email with a tracking code when your order has been shipped.  We strongly suggest that you track your package.  The meat will stay frozen inside the cooler for 36 hours.  It will stay cool inside the cooler for up to 72 hours.  Please make arrangements to refreeze or refrigerate the meat as soon as possible once it arrives.  If your meat is not cool to the touch when your package arrives, please call 573-450-1107.


Giffin Farms is not responsible for any packages that are lost because of incorrect shipping information.  Giffin Farms is not responsible for any damages to product if the recipient is not available when the package arrives.  


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Giffin Farms Shipping

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Shipping Information:  573-450-1107

Farm Information:  731-446-8142


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