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Trading Time for Money

I guess to sum up this post and the entire financial keys series, the financial decisions we make early in life set us up on a path.  The popular, well worn path is demanding and stressful, littered by the things people buy and then forget about.  The path less traveled by is undoubtedly uphill, but the view from the top is endless and so worth the challenge of getting there.  I'm so grateful for the people who have taught me these financial keys to success.  I couldn't keep these lessons to myself.  If my words impact even one person's life for the better, the precious time I spent on these posts will have all been worth it :) Thank you for staying with me to the end!

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Compound Interest: the Great and the Terrible

In the last post I talked about the different components of debt.  This time I want to elaborate on one of them, interest!  More specifically, I want to talk about what happens when interest compounds.  There will be a lot of numbers in this post, but stay calm and stay with me!  Here's why you should read this post all the way to the end:

Compound interest is a very powerful financial tool and I want you to understand it and be able to use its power for good in your life!

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Principle vs. Interest

I want to keep this post simple and to my two main points:

  1. There is "good debt" and "bad debt".
  2. The way you pay your debt makes a difference. 

My reason you should keep reading: 

Everyone, but especially young people, need to understand the components of debt, the real costs, and how to make choices that will set you up for financial security and keep you out of the debt trap.

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Assets: what they ARE and what they ARE NOT

I want to begin each of the posts in the “4 Financial Keys” blog series with a reason you should continue reading.  One reason.  I’m going to try to pack every reason I love this important financial concept in to one sentence.  You’re welcome people.

Okay, here's my reason:

Like it or not, you will make a limited about of income during your life, and I want you to know the “secret” to making your money grow all by itself, because you also only have so many hours on this Earth and I want you to spend them really living this beautiful life.

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Power Pursuit #1 - Rich Dad, Poor Dad

It's not a desire for money that drives the Rich attitude that Kiyosaki describes or my love for this book.  It's the desire to prepare the best we can for this crazy life and all it's challenges.  It's my desire for security and peace of mind.  It's my desire to care for my future family and someday my parents, the way they have cared for me.  It's my desire to escape the rat race and live this one life to the fullest.  If you can relate to these desires, this book is a must read.

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