It’s exciting to take our beef from beginning to end, and it is especially exciting to share that with our community.


We have a small cow/calf herd made up of primarily black and red angus genetics.  Our cows are bred to bulls that emphasize maternal potential and carcass quality, so that we can provide top-quality beef to our community and the best beef producing cows to our fellow producers.  In the fall, our calves will enter our stocker program either as heifers to be developed for replacements, or steers to be grown for beef.



Every fall we combine the calves we raise with calves we purchase from well-respected cattle producers in our community.  We only buy calves that we know have received proper health protocols, good nutrition, and ethical treatment. 

Both heifers and steers are grown on wheat pastures, and carefully developed with their unique end goal in mind.  

finishing beef

Many of the steers will enter our feeding program in the spring.  Every steer in our program always has access to forages, fresh water, and good shelter.  We finish the steers on a balanced grain ration, to ensure that the beef they produce will be well-marbled and full of delicious flavor.  Throughout the summer, our steers will be processed, USDA-inspected, and sold as custom and retail beef to our community.