A Two-Step in Texas

Finally… the equipment is put away, the stockers are lined out and growing on wheat, most of the spring calves are here, and I get to write the blog post that I’ve been looking forward to since August!  We did have a few weeks of “downtime” in August, and we used one long weekend to cross a few things off our bucket list.

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Be Smart, Be Kind, Be Quiet

I would never have expected such simple, content animals to so clearly demonstrate the valuable lessons of working smarter, giving first, and saving room for quietness in our lives.  But I guess that’s the point... everyday I watch them, I remember that life doesn’t have to be so complicated.  I am reminded to sit back and take a deep breath, and I know in my heart that life is good. 

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The Very Best Things About Planting Season

During planting season the highs and lows are never that far apart, and they always have more to do with our attitudes than our actual circumstances.  There’s no doubt that our energy will be depleted, our patience stretched thin, and our motivation tested... but at the same time our days will be filled with the warmth of longer sunshine, sweeter moments, a million growing miracles, and hope that outlasts our exhaustion.

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#SustainAble Farming

If I could get people to remember only one thing about modern or “conventional” farmers, its that we are people too.  We love our families, we care for our animals, and our livelihood depends on the health of our natural resources.  We do everything we can to protect and preserve all of these things, and by embracing science and technology we can do so without sacrificing the world's food supply.

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Cattle Health: Rumensin

It takes communication, education, and innovation on all sides to create a sustainable world.  As producers, we take efficiency and animal health very seriously.  We are taking proactive steps to benefit our animals and our customers.  One way we are doing this is by adding Rumensin to our herd’s diet.

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Our European Honeymoon & How We Got It 85% OFF: Part I

When I started telling people that Derek and I were going to Rome, Italy and Paris, France for our honeymoon, most reactions were a mixture of "so-happy-for-you" and "how????".... 

I've been anticipating taking a major vacation for over a year.  I'm thankful that major vacation turned out to be my honeymoon! :) But before I was even engaged, I began learning about these little miracles called "travel hacks".

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Our European Honeymoon & How We Got it 85% OFF: Part II

All in all, we decided it was about 20 degrees too hot and we walked about 30 miles too far to classify our trip as relaxing vacation, but wow... what an experience!  To walk the same streets and see the same sights that people did centuries before us was truly amazing.  The icing on the cake was that we got to see the world, and then come home to the United States of America.  We may be poor enough to depend on "travel hacking" but we'll never be able to comprehend how rich we really are, just because of where we were born. 

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The Whole Beef Story

I have been helping my family raise cattle my whole life, but I've only just gotten serious about raising beef.  There's a lot to know about the whole process and only a few places to find good information. 

For those of you who are curious about just how a calf becomes a steak, I've now got the full inside scoop.

Here's the whole beef story: 

A calf is born February 1, 2017.  Let's call him Sir Loin...

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Grain Fed & Grass Fed Beef (and why we choose grain fed)

Though we've only just started selling our beef at the farmer's market, we've had several questions about this issue specifically.  Many people have questions, and many of them already believe that grain feeding our steers negatively affects the welfare of our animals, the environment, and the healthiness of our product.  I'm here to offer the truth.  It's up to you to draw your own conclusions.

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