a family farm dedicated to the production of row crops, hay, and healthy local beef
Giffin Farms Land Owners

At Giffin Farms, we consider it our responsibility to take care of the blessings we have been given:  our time, our relationships, our financial resources, and especially our land and our livestock.

If you are a landowner, you most likely consider it your responsibility to find the best possible caretaker for your land.  Someone who will put in the time and effort to protect your investment. 

We believe it is worth our time and effort to:

  • practice crop rotations

  • utilize cover crops

  • carefully manage pest and weed resistance

  • stop runoff and erosion

  • take regular soil samples

  • increase organic matter in the soil

If we are chosen to be the caretakers of your land, we promise to use the opportunity not just for ourselves, but to also benefit you, your land, and the generations to come.