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Unconditionally and Unreservedly

When I begin to resist God's command to love one another, even the ones who are hard to love, He asks me if I deserve love? ...the answer is no...  

Do I deserve grace? ...again, no...  

Am I always right? much as it pains me to admit this, "no".  

And does God still love me?  Humbled, I give my answer, unconditionally and unreservedly yes.


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God's given us the protective gear and the weapon we need to win our battles today!  

Wherever you are, take some time to pull your Belt tight, fasten your Breastplate, lace up your feet with Readiness, secure your Helmet, reach down and pick up your Shield.  Raise it to your defense.  Draw your Sword high and ready, Warrior.  

This day is yours and your God's. 

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In God's Power, Not Micayla's

If your life is anything like mine, it is likely messy, confusing, and filled with uncertainty.  

My natural response: get a good holt and try to force control over everything I can so that I can make my life "successful". (You have to read that with a mean face to get the full effect...)

The correct response: well, not that... like I said, I'm still learning, but the following is what I've learned so far...

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Five Bags of Silver

In college there have been so many times I've been tempted to throw up my hands and claim I have nothing else to give.  Sometimes I felt this way with money.  Sometimes I felt this way in rodeo, when the end of the success drought was no where in sight.  Sometimes it was with spoiled friendships.  Sometimes it was in my lack of self esteem and purpose.  

But in all of it, I felt like I was doing just good enough to get by, but I had no more left for God.  

At some point in this mess I began to understand it was true that Micayla working for Micayla had her limits.  But Micayla working for God found fresh strength, surprising success, and new opportunities.

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Why You Need to Be Listening to Podcasts Now

Podcasts are audio recordings of people that care a lot about hundreds of different topics.  Kinda like talk radio, but way cooler because they are usually funny, entertaining, or even over-the-top inspiring!  And you can choose what topic you want to know more about!  Why should you care??

In this post, I keep it simple and just give you a list of reasons.  

And then for those of you who are ready to take a big (and yet so easy) step toward personal growth, I'll share my personal favorites!

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Mrs. Proverbs 31

Ladies, I wonder how our lives might change if we stop seeing Mrs. Proverbs 31 as who we aren't, and started seeing her as who we could be?

She is a beautiful and balanced mix of gentle and strong, selfless and independent, quiet and confident, respectful and smart.  She is both virtuous and capable. 

And the psalmist describes her as "More precious than rubies".  He asks, "Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?"  She is rare.  She is precious. 

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Power Pursuit #1 - Rich Dad, Poor Dad

It's not a desire for money that drives the Rich attitude that Kiyosaki describes or my love for this book.  It's the desire to prepare the best we can for this crazy life and all it's challenges.  It's my desire for security and peace of mind.  It's my desire to care for my future family and someday my parents, the way they have cared for me.  It's my desire to escape the rat race and live this one life to the fullest.  If you can relate to these desires, this book is a must read.

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Got Dreams? Get Goals.

This very easy and simple commitment has the potential to dramatically affect your life for the better.  I know I wouldn't even be writing this now if I hadn't been writing my goals down and reading them often.  And seriously, what do you have to lose?  One of my favorite Coach Luthi Truths is that “It’s hard to hit a target you don’t have.”  Coach, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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